Wednesday, 31 October 2007

25th in Advertising Young Minds

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After arriving back from AUG on Friday, I was surprised when I got a google alert telling me I was mentioned in the Advertising Young Minds Rank. Adstructure came up with idea which is a ranking of the top 27 blogs of people under 27. I was surprised to make the list at number 25.

Interesting to see a lot of other Naked employee hovering around the top with Noah Brier (1) and Heron Preston (4) both working at Naked New York. As far as I can tell I am the only Australian representative, so it is quite an honour to be in this list.

For all the details go to the Adstructure blog.

Link to Adspace-Pioneers

1 comment:

Noah said...

Johanna - & Amber - are also at Naked . . .